There are 1.4 million Internet searches happening every minute around the world.That is over 23,000 searches per second. In the time you finish reading this sentence, more than 250,000 searches will have just taken place.

Out of the 1.4 MILLION searches that just took
place in the last 60 seconds, how many of them
were searches for your products or services?

Have you ever heard someone make the statement if you build it they will come? Have you ever thought the same thing about your website? That if you could just get it built people will come, traffic will magically find its way to your website and life will be good. Only now since you've built your website, you have found that you are disappointed and no one is coming.

How much could your online business improve if you had a new steady stream of targeted cash paying traffic? What if we told you we could do it all for you even if you are on a tight budget? You wouldn't have to do anything, we would do it all for you.

What would a few thousand new website visitors look like to you every month? Could you double, maybe even triple your sales? Maybe you could justify hiring that person you wish you had on call to do all those things that you would rather not do. Maybe you would take more time for yourself or for your family.

If you have an online business and you don't see your bottom line growing like you had once hoped, it is fair to assume that a new flood of consistent targeted traffic to your website could translate into more sales and more profit. Targeted traffic is the single most important ingredient for realizing the true potential of your online business. Is your business operating at its full potential right now? If not, then I don't need to tell you that traffic is the very life blood of your online success.

Simply put, no traffic leads to no sales
and eventually to no online business!

So the question you might be asking is how many of those 1.4 million searches are made by people who are absolute perfect candidates for buying your products or services? The good news is that we not only know how many searches there were for your product or services, but more importantly, we know how to make your website show up first before anyone notices your competitors! Does that sound interesting? I thought so!

Hi, my name is Eric Lingenfelter! I am CEO and founder of the Generate More traffic system and I am so glad you made it to this website because at this very moment you are 1 click away from solving the most difficult challenge every online business faces: generating more traffic to your website so that you have the opportunity to generate more customers.

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What We Do

This is no ordinary bucket because this bucket contains every tip, trick, method, secret and strategy that was ever invented to make one website rank higher than the others in the search engines! Here you are, a website owner whose website rank is not what you would like it to be. You would be perfectly happy to reach in and pull out any one of these tips or tricks and implement one today as long as you know two things to be true:
# 1. You knew it would work
# 2. You knew you could afford it

What if you were faced with the challenge of reaching into the bucket and pulling out a few of the strategies and what if you had to make sense of them based on what you know today? I assume you are not a traffic expert or you wouldn't be here on this website. If you had to pick one then pay a price to implement it wouldn't that make you a little bit nervous as to which strategy you pick from the bucket? Would you like to have a little more confidence before making that decision? We can help you with that! The problem is that there are far too many options, far too many tips, far too many tricks and far too many conflicting strategies out there.

So many that you would have to study three months straight just to get a solid grip on all that you would need to know to make an informed decision on specifically which strategy to pull out of the bucket. What we do for you here at the Generate More Institute is we use people! What a novel idea, with all of the automated reports and confusing gadgets that are out there. Do you really want to use an automated process to make assumptions about what you should or shouldn't do to promote your online business or do you want smart people with common sense to strategize on your behalf?

You see we don't just have smart people with common sense. We also have some of the most successful, knowledgeable and most importantly, experienced people on the planet!

In other words, you don't have to reach into the bucket and risk making costly mistakes on your own. We will pick the best strategies that offer you the best opportunity to generate the most traffic in the least amount of time. Then you can rest assured that traffic is just around the corner! To learn more click the button you see below and "Get Started!"

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Costly Mistakes

We've been offering traffic strategies to our customers for more than 10 years and there are 3 specific mistakes that customers make before hiring us. So if you have made some of these costly mistakes please know that you are not alone. We have seen this many times before and the exciting part is that we offer the proven methods that fix each one of them so let's get to them!

Mistake # 1: Promoting keywords with no demand. This is probably the biggest single mistake that people make. They don't perform adequate keyword research and then they spend thousands of dollars or even hundreds of their own hours of time promoting their websites with keywords that they picked on a hunch. Then they come to the shocking realization that no one is even searching for their keywords.

The single most important decision you could make that will accelerate your online business towards success is choosing a company with solid keyword research experience. A company that will recommend the best keywords with the highest search demand possible for your online business. Picking the wrong keywords is like winking in the dark because no one can see you wink in the dark. Think about it, if you are all alone in the dark with the one you love and you wink at them but you don't say anything will your message get delivered? No, and your website is the same way. You spent all this time putting together your product offer, you created your message and you built your website, then you wink in the dark by promoting your site with keywords that no one is searching for. That is the number 1 mistake that people make, it's very costly as well. Leave this most important step to our keyword research experts and let our experience go to work for you!
Mistake # 2: Promoting keywords with too much competition. It's time for a quiz, which keyword do you think would be easier to rank higher in the search engines?
  1. Swimming Pools or
  2. Above Ground Swimming Pools
Now if you said B you would be right, the correct answer is above ground swimming pools. Why you ask? Because the keyword with the fewest number of words normally has more websites competing for it. So the mistake that people make is that they pick keywords that are short, one or two word phrases and they focus large amounts of time and money promoting their websites for these highly competitive short phrases. They wind up never making it to page 1 in Google, then they either give up or hire someone like us to do it the right way for them. Either way this mistake costs a lot of money and causes great frustration. If this is you don't worry, we have the expertise and experience to help you find the right keywords that are not only affordable but that will also drive constant cash paying traffic to your website.
Mistake # 3: Not hiring an expert to guide you in selecting the right keywords to promote. The only thing worse than heading in the wrong direction with selecting your list of keywords to promote is going in the wrong direction enthusiastically! There are numerous search engine optimization companies out there who are glad to take your money and promote whatever keywords you tell them to promote regardless of whether you have a chance of generating more sales or not.

Well these issues can be worries of the past...

With the Generate More Traffic Solution, you can finally let us worry about it. While every site could benefit from SEO services, finding a company that is reputable, affordable, and effective can be difficult. Well no longer! Generate More is a reputable traffic generating search engine optimization company with a proven track record who employees top notch keyword experts and has a rock solid guarantee. We use only proven and ethical methods to ensure that your web site won't get banned for unethical practices.

Isn't it about time for you to make a smart business decision that you can bank on? If so, click on the "Get Started" button you see below so you can Get Started!

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PFP Guarantee

Have you ever spent hard-earned money for something and all you got out of it was disappointment? Yeah, I've been there to and it stinks!

When I started offering our traffic generation service to our customers I wanted to earn our customer's trust by doing something that far exceeded what any of my competitors would ever dream of offering their customers. When I first made the announcement of this new guarantee my employees thought I was off my rocker, my colleagues thought I was losing my mind and my own Dad said, "You just can't do that and stay in business!" Only I say, "Nay Nay!" Do you wanna know what it is? Do you want me to reveal our guarantee right here, right now?

Okay here it goes, drum roll please... It's our unheard of, super crazy, pay for performance guarantee!! We call it our PFP Guarantee and here's how it works: if you don't see an improvement in your Google ranking within 30 days, you don't pay! That's right, if we don't deliver the results you deserve then you don't pay. It's really quite simple to understand. There's not one of those pesky little loopholes that reaches out to get you when something doesn't meet your expectations.

You only pay for performance that's why we call it the PFP Guarantee. Our primary focus is on helping your business grow by generating more targeted cash buying traffic to your website.

Here is the best part, the reason I can offer you such an iron clad, juicy pay for performance or it's free guarantee is because our experience with our existing customers has proven time and time again that we not only know what we're doing but we're also darn good at it! We make our clients a lot of money and we wanted to do that for you. So if you want to accept our no risk, pay for performance guarantee then click the button you see below to Get Started!

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Case Studies

Alex Mandossian Case Study

"In 4 days my Facebook page went from not ranked at all in the first 250 search results to ranking #1 for 'Productivity Strategies' in Google"

- Alex Mandossian
CEO Heritage House Publishing

Flexcon Case Study

"Just wanted to let you know that we definitely have seen an uptick in leads recently. The good work that you guys are doing really seems to be making a difference."
- Ken Beckerman
CEO Flexcon Container